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The UC Berkeley Library

Berkeley holds an impressive array of physical resources across the campus, found throughout the University Library’s 25 libraries and eight affiliates. This map highlights some of the resources available to scholars on campus. Click on each library to find out how many physical items are included in its collection.

Map of the UC Berkeley Libraries


Note: Doe consists of eight service points; Moffitt consists of two; and Environmental Design consists of three. The Northern Regional Library Facility and Earthquake Engineering Library, which are in Richmond, are not included here. Berkeley’s e-resources aren’t highlighted on this list. MAP BY ADAM HAYES


Library News

Library News features photos, videos, and stories that highlight the services, spaces, and people who serve the scholars at UC Berkeley and around the world. The website aims to communicate the Library’s value as a partner and teacher for students, faculty members, and the community. 

Our mission: We will develop communications and outreach globally to improve our service delivery, strengthen our contributions to the university’s mission, and attract financial support to tackle our priorities.

Our stories: The Library Communications team tells stories that highlight activities and accomplishments that fulfill the Library’s strategic plan in an effort to inform, engage, and inspire. Our stories invite the world to discover the Library’s services, spaces, and collections. We unearth interesting and untold stories, celebrate the extraordinary, spark curiosity, and dream up fun and creative ways to share our mission with the world.

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A wealth of resources

The University Library includes 25 libraries 

  1. Anthropology
  2. Art History + Classics
  3. Bancroft
  4. Bioscience, Natural Resources + Public Health
  5. Business
  6. Chemistry
  7. Data Lab
  8. Doe
  9. Earth Sciences + Map
  10. East Asian
  11. Engineering
  12. Environmental Design
  13. Graduate Services
  14. Main (Gardner) Stacks
  15. Mathematics + Statistics
  16. Media Resources Center
  17. Moffitt
  18. Morrison
  19. Music
  20. Newspapers + Microforms
  21. NRLF
  22. Optometry
  23. Physics + Astronomy
  24. Social Research
  25. South + Southeast Asia

UC Berkeley also has 8 affiliated libraries

  1. BAMPFA Film 
  2. CED Visual Resources Center
  3. Environmental Design Archives
  4. Ethnic Studies 
  5. Governmental Studies 
  6. Law 
  7. Transportation Studies  
  8. Earthquake Engineering




Doe Library: 5,164,412 itemsBancroft Library: 6,637,875 itemsLaw Library: 1,858,494 itemsEnvironmental Design: 1,664,096 itemsBusiness: 1,421,566 itemsEngineering: 892,968 itemsEast Asian Library: 882,849 itemsBioscience + Natural Resources: 559,374 itemsEarth Sciences + Map: 506,858 itemsGovernmental Studies: 481,825 itemsTransportation Studies: 366,177 itemsMusic: 324,196 itemsEthnic Studies: 101,696 itemsChemistry + Chemical Engineering: 77,829 itemsMathematics + Statistics: 68,124 itemsAnthropology: 61,779 itemsMoffitt: 39,756 itemsOptometry: 26,237 itemsPhysics + Astronomy: 23,393 itemsSocial Research: 9,390 itemsBAMPFA Film: 6,101 itemsMemorial Stadium: not a library