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Hands-On 11: Twentysix Artists’ Books

Artists’ books defy conventional “reading” and involve the viewer through sight, touch and physical manipulation. Ed Ruscha’s Twentysix Gasoline Stations was seminal in bringing the concept of artists’ books into common consciousness. The Environmental Design Library will have several Ruscha books on hand and a number of other derivative and related works for you to touch, turn pages, and explore.

Book Talk Series: Acoustic Properties


Tom McEnaney’s book explores the “coevolution” of the radio and the novel amid influential movements in populist politics in three countries in the mid-20th century: the New Deal in America; Peronism in Argentina, and the Cuban Revolution. The book illustrates how governments, activists, and artists have struggled for control to represent the voice of the people within a changing media landscape.

Professors José Quiroga of Emory University and Freya Schiwy of UC Riverside will be discussing the book after professor McEnaney’ s reading.


Environmental Design Library to Open Earlier Sunday Mornings

Wurster Library

Starting December 3rd, the Environmental Design Library will open at 11 in the morning, instead of 1 in the afternoon. Numerous students have requested an earlier Sunday opening which is now possible through the generous gift of George Anastaplo, a College of Environmental Design alum. These extended hours will begin in time for this fall’s reading and finals weeks and will continue throughout the spring semester. The library will also stay open until midnight during reading and finals weeks, as we have in the past.

Our hours can always be found on our calendar at:
Environmental Design Library Hours

Starting December 3rd, we look forward to seeing you 11AM Sunday mornings.

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