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Argentina- the country of thousands of books and immense cultural production.

I fondly remember the kindness of Argentine people during my informal visit to Entre Ríos  and Santa Fe provinces during my last year at the library school while interning in Porto Alegre, Brazil. However, I had no idea about the richness of the Argentine literature and its robust book production. Today, I am glad to present you with the select images of the newly acquired Argentine books for the main collections. Enjoy, and provide me with your critical feedback. I am living and learning and as I say in Indic tradition-I am imperfect but I am here to work and collect our Latin American books!

Select new books from Argentina.

Libro de Artista- Atlas Perú by F. Bryce

I have recently purchased an artists book that was published in Peru. While, as the librarian for the general collections, it is often beyond my budgetary means and pockets to purchase such books, however sometimes an exception needs to be made. Some books are so well made that they reflect not only the artistic aspirations of their creators but also their content makes represents the harmony of tensions that a particular society inherently hides. One such book is Atlas Perú by F. Bryce. The book will be offered to our colleagues in the Bancroft Library for the obvious custodial reasons and for preserving it for the posterity. As human beings, we are fragile and temporary so are our creations, but we must do everything to preserve the history of print culture. As a librarian for the Caribbean and Latin American Studies, who is a non-Latino, I take a great pride in work that I am doing to contribute to such preservation efforts. The pictures below are mine and are displayed for the fair academic purpose only. Here is a more information about the book itself.

New books from Ecuador

Ecuador represents a unique dilemma for many policymakers in the West that have tried sound alarms regarding its leftist approach to the ways of doing things. In an Economist article that was published on 19th of October, one can see that the virtue of Ecuador’s Leninism does not limit only to the ideological stances. Despite the weakening of the oil prices, the publishing industry continues to produce several interesting works on literature, social issues and other matters that are of interest to the academic librarians. In the selections of new books from Ecuador, I wanted to bring your attention to two new books that deal with the issues of Afro-Ecuadorians. One of them is by Dr. Diogenes Cuero, and its title is Las Huellas de la Carimba, and the other title is “Tributo a Adalberto Ortiz Quiñonez y a la poesía negra del Ecuador Orlando Tenorio Cuero.”

The rest of the books are displayed below for you to get an idea of the books from Ecuador that I would like to ideally collect. If you have any observations, comments, or recommendations, please feel free to contact me.


Emphasizing the diversity of print materials: Latin American Studies 101.

Dear Readers,

I have come to appreciate and celebrate the diversity that surrounds us. Today, I began to doubly appreciate my fortune that allows me to handle materials from such a diverse community of nations that cohabit in Latin America and the Caribbean. As I was reviewing my books, a person who was trained in the library related affairs of Eastern Europe and the Central Asia, began to realize how different yet similar are the nation states and their cultural productions in Latin American context. The communities that comprise them and produce an immense wealth of information. I take pride in my work and in a small contribution that I can make in preserving the memories of those who are sometimes unvoiced. Here are some recent purchases of books from Brazil, Cuba, and Uruguay. I hope that you will find these selections of use in your research, teaching and personal growth. Yours, Liladhar

Several new books from Cuba can be seen here. These include also several artists’ books that represent the creative urge of Cuban artists and printers. Two of these books are very important as not many libraries in the US have these. These are La Buena Pipa…and Leyendas afro-cubanas de matanzas.

The books from Uruguay can be seen below.


Select new books from Brazil: With the current events going on in Brazil, the books that we have selected also reflect some sort of complex reality that surrounds Brazil. The books are shown below for your information.

New books from Mexico (October 2017)

28 October 2017

As a librarian for Latin American Collections, I continue to emphasize on collecting the best of the Mexican imprints that are being published currently. Mexico remains the power-house in Latin America with enormous cultural production. While it is difficult to acquire all the books that are being published in the contemporary Mexico, I try to focus on the books that might be relevant to our campus teaching and research.
I do not claim perfection in my abilities to select as a new librarian for Latin American Collections on campus, and thus I will continue to seek guidance from our faculty. I believe in harmonious collaborative collection development that is geared towards creating a sustainable yet very strong collection of Mexican imprints at Berkeley. As a migrant from India, I remember the early days in LA where the migrants from all parts of Mexico adopted me in their families, helped me on my way to where I am currently. I am forever grateful to my friends and the fellow migrants to our country. Please take a moment to look at the current Mexican imprints that will be added to our ever-growing collection in the Doe Library. God bless the United States of America that fosters this diversity of publications and allows a migrant from India to work as a librarian for the Latin American and Caribbean Collections. I hope that you enjoy visit to our library, where I will be glad to show our Latin American Collections to you and share the joy of collecting, researching and teaching with you and your students.

There are several interesting books in this group including, Afroamérica III by Luz María Martínez Montiel, the prize winner, Lamentaciones de Don Jeremías by Enrique Olmos de Ita, and Fey Berman‘s Mexamérica.

New books of Brazil, October 2017.

Brazil remains in the attention of global scholars for various reasons. We have re-launched at UC Berkeley Library an initiative to strategically collect select Brazilian books in different subjects. One cannot simply think of Latin America as the post-Imperial legacy of Spain. Portuguese speaking Brazil remains an important industrial, cultural, the social powerhouse with its internal contradictions. I hope that you will be able to check these books out for the library.


As the launch of this Brazilian collection development activity, I had curated an exhibition called “Literatura de Cordel.” Its online version can be seen here.

New Select Books from Costa Rica

In this batch of new Costa Rican books, one can see several important books related to the Social Sciences disciplines. We also see a book entitled “Crimen y lujuria” by Faustino Desinach that one the national literary prize in Costa Rica.

New books from Chile for October 2017

13 October 2017

Dear Readers,

The time flies very quickly, and I wanted to update the readers of this blog about our recent purchases of books from Chile. This specific shipment of books that we have received contains several interesting and critical editions of works on History, Social Issues and Sociology. Besides, the Social Sciences aspect, these books also have very select Chilena contemporary fiction as well included. These books will be cataloged and made available to our faculty, students, and visiting scholars.

You can enjoy their images by clicking on the photo below. Have a restful weekend.

Your Librarian for Latin American Studies Collections-Liladhar P.

Select New Books from Colombia and Costa Rica, October 2017

I wanted to bring to your attention our recent acquisitions of various books from Costa Rica and Colombia that are in the process of cataloging. Enjoy!

New Books from Colombia can be seen here.

New Books from Costa Rica can be seen here.


New books from Chile and Peru!

Here are some of the new books that we have recently received from Chile and Peru. These will be cataloged and made available to our students, researchers, visiting scholars and faculty members. Thank you as always for your kind support and encouragement. Your Latin American and Caribbean Studies Librarian- Liladhar.


New books from Chile– some photos can be seen below by clicking on the image of the book:

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