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American Chemical Society resources not available via Proxy

UPDATE: Access issue resolved.

CHANT Database unavailable on December 4 -6, 2015 due to maintenance

Due to the network maintenance of the CHANT Database, the Database will be suspended from 6:00pm HKT 4 December (2:00am PST December 4, 2015) to 9:00am HKT 7 December, 2015 (5:00:00 PST December 6, 2015). We apologize for any inconvenience.

Access problem for all journals on JAMA network

We appear to have lost online access to all journals on the JAMA network. Please email eproblem@library.berkeley.edu using your berkeley.edu email account and provide the citation. The pdf file will be emailed to you as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience that this may caused.

UPDATE: Access issue resolved.

ScienceDirect to cease support of Internet Explorer 8 on January 1, 2016

Announcement from Elsevier – Science Direct

Why are we ceasing support of IE8?

We are following Microsoft?s directive to focus our support on newer, officially-supported IE browser versions. Microsoft announced in 2014 that, as of January 2016, it would only support the most recent IE browser version with technical support and security updates. We strongly encourage our customers to follow Microsoft?s directive as well by updating to more recent versions of IE. Additionally, users can move to the latest versions of the Chrome or Firefox browsers for an optimal ScienceDirect experience.

By removing IE8 from our support list, we will be able to provide the following future enhancements:

Remove current IE8 security issues

Enhance existing security measures across all browsers

Add support for new browser technologies

Add responsive design to aid use of ScienceDirect across devices

Improve accessibility to better enable access to people with diverse abilities

If you have any questions or concerns, please visit the ScienceDirect Blog for more details or contact us:

usinfo@elsevier.com – US & Canada

nlinfo@elsevier.com – Europe

sginfo@elsevier.com – Asia, Australia & New Zealand

brinfo@elsevier.com – Mexico, Central & South America

Best regards,

The ScienceDirect Team

Note: Compatibility mode in IE9 or higher reverts the browser back to IE7 or IE8 behavior. If you experience issues accessing ScienceDirect using IE9 or higher, please disable the compatibility view mode in your IE browser.

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses site blocked

ProQuest  Dissertations & Theses is being blocked for suspicious downloads. UCB users will not be able to access the Preview PDFs (the first 24 pages of a dissertation) or the Full text PDFs while this is being investigated.

UPDATE: The block has been lifted.

Remote Access to CRC Netbase journals

We have access problems via Proxy server for a number of CRC NetBase journals. Please try accessing these journals via VPN or via a campus PC while our Licensing librarian work with the publisher and CDL to resolve the issue.

UPDATE: As of 7/16/13, 1:00pm, access problem for CRC NetBase journals via the proxy server have been resolved.

access to APS journals via the proxy

There are reported problems accessing American Physical Society journals via the library proxy. The problem is being investigated.

IEEE Xplore – access problems from certain IP addresses

We are currently investigating access problems from a number if IP addresses for the IEEE Xplore database.

EbscoHost Databases: Access problem for certain IP ranges

We have received reports from several locations on campus (Physics Library, Anthropology Library, Sproul Hall) that some EbscoHost databases are having access problems. The affected databases that we know of so far are:


EbscoHost Academic Search Complete

Reader’s Guide

Alternative Press


We have reported the problem to CDL and they are communicating with EbscoHost to get this resolved as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause.


de Gruyter Platform Update

Update: 1/20/2012

According to the latest correspondence with deGruyter, a new release of the plaform will be pushed live today that should correct many problems.  However, there will be an ongoing process of upgrading and enhancing the platform.  If you are experiencing problems, please check back this upcoming Monday (1/23/2012).


As of today, there are still many issues with the new deGruyter platform.  The two main issues are listed below:

1) There is a bug that randomly displays the following error message on any given serial resource: “An error has occurred in the application. Please contact support. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”   This means that a journal may be accessible one day, but gone the next.
2) There are duplicate articles for any given issue.  One will not have a PDF link on the page, but the other duplicate article title (usually further down the page) will have the PDF link.

Please be assured that we are in close contact with the publisher.  Last we heard, they did not have a projected date of when these issues will be resolved.  We will update this page as soon as we have one. 

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