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Trial: 19th Century Masterfile

There is currently a trial underway (through 3/30/13) for 19th Century Masterfile. 19th Century Masterfile cumulates index content from over 70 sources. It is comprised of five series: 1) periodicals, 2) monographic indexes, 3) newspaper indexes, 4) individual periodical indexes, and 5) US and UK Government document and patent indexes. (This trial was set up for all the UCs.)

Send feedback to Jennifer Dorner.


Trial: Times of India

The library now has a trial of The Times of India (1838-2001). The Times of India is an English daily newspaper that was founded in 1838 to serve British residents of West India. As described in the promotional materials, the resource “serves researchers interested in studying colonialism and post-colonialism, British and world history, class and gender issues, international relations, comparative religion, international economics, terrorism, and more.”

Like other full text newspapers we purchase through ProQuest, this resource is searchable by keyword, article types, dates and date ranges, and author. It provides access to all of the newspaper’s contents: articles, photos, advertisements, marriage announcements, cartoons, obituaries, etc.

Dates of trial runs through March 26, 2013.

Send feedback to Jennifer Dorner.

Trial: al-Manhal

We have a trial for al-Manhal, a full-text database in Arabic, which will end by April 30th.  al-Manhal uses ebrary as its platform.

Send your feedback to Shayee.

What Berkeley Borrowed 2011-12 (Corrected)

We’re slowly building an archive of reports to help selectors assess their collections. In the past, seeing a list of what Berkeley patrons borrowed has been helpful in identifying collection gaps.

Thanks to help from Interlibrary Services, a list of titles Berkeley borrowed fy 2011-12 is now available in an Excel file, http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/Staff/CS/ill.html. This is a big file, so click on the link “VDX-Berkeley” and then wait for a bit (plus a bit more, since you’ll think it isn’t doing anything.)

This list includes items borrowed from other UC’s and from other OCLC libraries, and therefore accounts for the majority of what we borrow. We have asked Stanford to send us titles that Berkeley borrowed via RLCP online, and we’ll let you know via blog when that data becomes available. We have learned that no data is kept on titles we borrow direct from NRLF. What we borrow from University of Texas and through ALA forms, etc. constitute only a handful of transactions that don’t benefit us enough to do the work to get and compile.

As you look at this list, please remember that per UC policy, Interlibrary Borrowing does borrow some items that Berkeley owns, in cases where Berkeley’s copy is unavailable at the time of the request. So please recheck our holdings on any possible candidates for purchase.

If you have any questions or comments on this data, please email me at gford@library.berkeley.edu.


Library of Congress Subject Headings of Interest

Library of Congress Subject Headings continue to change and evolve, sometimes in most interesting ways. New subject headings are published monthly, and, as well as signifying the essence of a topic, they can often serve as social commentary or as historical milestones. Here are a few recent ones, or ones that bear highlighting. We?ll continue to share more with you as we collect them.

Berkelium (May Subd. Geog.)

Free thought (May Subd. Geog.)

Middle class (May Subd. Geog.)

Optical antennas (Mat Subd. Geog.)

Plant luminescence (May Subd. Geog.)

Radio and television tower bird strikes (May Subd. Geog.)

Jane Rosario
Jean Dickinson

Contributing Serial Volumes to WEST and Other Validated Shared Print Archives

Collection Services Council has approved a new policy, UC Berkeley Library Policy for Contributing Materials to Validated, Shared Print Archives.

In brief, this policy says that selectors will normally say, “yes” to requests for deposit of our material into NRLF- or SRLF-hosted WEST and JSTOR archives. Contributing volumes to create authenticated full runs of lower use serials should ensure that these remain available to our users over time, while also affording us the opportunity to reduce demand for on-campus shelving.

There are, however, some good reasons for saying, “no” and these also are set out in the policy.

Confusions or concerns? See the FAQ that follows the policy in the same document.

Please take a look, and let me know if you have any questions.


Trial guidelines

Trial Guidelines is a new document that outlines the principles and general guidelines to follow when setting up an online trial. It is now available on the Collections Services staff website linked to under Policies and Procedures as well as under Selection and Budgeting.

These guidelines were reviewed and approved by Collections Services Council and the Digital Acquisitions Group. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know.

– Brought to you by The Licensing Team (Dana and Margaret)

ERF Update – Feburary 2013

Current number of records in the ERF: 1082

ADDED since last update

DELETED since last update

  • Art on Screen (CD-ROM)
  • Duden-Brockhause-Meyers-Harenberg-Pake
  • Film and History (CDL-ROM)
  • Globus and NTBD
  • International Film Index (CD-ROM)
  • State of the Nation

Vendor visit: Springer

Representatives from Springer will be on campus on Thursday, February 21 from 10-11:30 in the Biosciences Library classroom. They will be going to cover Springer ebooks, the new platform, stats and SNIP. The second half will be a presentation about SpringerMaterials.

For questions, ask Sue at skoskine {at sign} library. etc.

Vendor visit: EBSCO

Representatives from EBSCO are paying us a visit on Wednesday, February 6 from 9-10. They will be talking to us about “EBSCOhost databases, eBooks and eBook subscriptions, and Discovery Services.” We will meet in the 212/218 Doe conference area. (This room is keycode access so just knock to have someone let you in.)


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