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Antiquité Tardive

Antiquité TardiveUCB access only
Full Text: Vol. 1-15 (1993-2007)

May also be accessed via the Classics Resources page, under Electronic Journals




Patrologiae Graecae

An electronic version consisting of scanned images of the 160 volumes
of J.-P. Migne’s Patrologiae cursus completus–series graeca
(1857-1866). Included are texts from the age of the Apostolic Fathers,
beginning with Clement of Rome (Pope from 88-97), up to 1439, the date
of the Council of Florence.

Classics Resources page revised

The Classics Resources web page has been revised and resources incorporated into a single page, for easier access and location of resources. Suggestions for any additions and/or changes are welcome.

Ancient Narrative

Full-text access to Ancient Narrative online <http://www.ancientnarrative.com/> is now functional. Because this is a UCB paid resource, you’ll need to access either via Library computers or through proxy access or VPN <http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/Help/connecting_off_campus.html>.

New e-Journals


The following e-Journals have been added to AH-C Classics Electronic Journals:


Epigraphica Anatolica

Go to: Full Text: Vol.36-38 (2003-2005)



Go to: Full Text: Vol. 1-20 (1986-2005)



Go to:

Full Text: Vols. 1-59 (1946-2005)


Rheinisches Museum für Philologie

Go to: Full Text: Vol. 93-148 (1950 – 2005) Note: click on blue arrow

January 2009 New Acquisitions

Past acquistions may be found at AH-C New Acquisitions

Medieval Reference

Medieval Reference, listed under Classics Resources, includes sections on Dictionaries, Full Text Databases, Resources for the Study of Manuscripts, & Other Resources (encyclopedias, bibliographies, etc.).

Journal of Late Antiquity

Other journals of interest to classicists may be found at Classics Resources, Electronic Journals

CEFAEL: Collection de l’École française d’Athènes en ligne

Publications of the École française d'Athènes, including the Bulletin de correspondance hellénique. CEFAEL is permanently located via Classics Electronic Journals .


Additional full text coverage to Hermes is now available: Vol. 1-130 (1866 – 2002)


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