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New Books in Graduate Services January 2017

Getting it published : a guide for scholars and anyone else serious about serious books

Getting It Published: A Guide For Scholars And Anyone Else Serious About Serious Books (3rd edition) by William Germano

The idea of Anglo-Saxon England, 1066-1901 : remembering, forgetting, deciphering, and renewing the past

The Idea Of Anglo-Saxon England, 1066-1901: Remembering, Forgetting, Deciphering, And Renewing The Past by John D. Niles

Old English literature : a guide to criticism with selected readings

Old English Literature: A Guide To Criticism With Selected Readings by John D. Niles

New Books in Graduate Services December 2016

Beowulf : an illustrated edition

Beowulf: An Illustrated Edition translated by Seamus Heaney with illustrations edited and an afterword by John D. Niles

Klaeber's Beowulf and the fight at Finnsburg

Klaeber’s Beowulf And The Fight At Finnsburg (4th edition) edited by R.D. Fulk, Robert E. Bjork, and John D. Niles

The Sinthome : the seminar of Jacques Lacan, book XXIII

The Sinthome: The Seminar of Jacques Lacan Book XXIII edited by Jacques-Alain Miller

Old English heroic poems and the social life of texts

Old English Heroic Poems And The Social Life Of Texts by John D. Niles

New Books In Graduate Services September 2016

The end of American childhood : a history of parenting from life on the frontier to the managed child

The End Of American Childhood: A History Of Parenting From Life On The Frontier To The Managed Child by Paula S. Fass

Reason after its eclipse : on late critical theory

Reason After Its Eclipse: On Late Critical Theory by Marin Jay

Excommunication for debt in late medieval France : the business of salvation

Excommunication For Debt In Late Medieval France: The Business Of Salvation by Tyler Lange

New Books In Graduate Services August 2016

The letters of Ernest Hemingway. Volume 3, 1926-1929

The Letters Of Ernest Hemingway Volume 3: 1926-1929 edited by Rena Sanderson, Sandra Spanier, and Robert W. Trogdon

Interwoven globe : the worldwide textile trade, 1500-1800

Interwoven Globe: The Worldwide Textile Trade, 1500-1800 edited by Amelia Peck

The Edinburgh companion to critical theory

The Edinburgh Companion To Critical Theory edited by Stuart Sim

Metahistory : the historical imagination in nineteenth-century Europe

Metahistory: The Historical Imagination In 19th Century Europe (40th Anniversary Edition) by Hayden White with a foreword by Michael S. Roth

New Books In Graduate Services July 2016

The poems of T. S. Eliot

The Poems Of T.S. Eliot Volume 1: Collected & Uncollected Poems edited by Christopher Ricks and Jim McCue

The poems of T. S. Eliot. Volume 2 : practical cats and further verses

The Poems Of T.S. Eliot Voume 2: Practical Cats & Further Verses edited by Christopher Ricks and Jim McCue

New Books In Graduate Services June 2016

The use of bodies

The Use of Bodies: Homo Sacer IV, 2 by Giorgio Agamben

The American intellectual tradition

The American Intellectual Tradition Volume 1: 1630-1865 edited by David A. Hollinger and Charles Capper

Tennessee Williams : mad pilgrimage of the flesh

Tennessee Williams: Mad Pilgramage Of The Flesh by John Lahr

Philosophical anthropology

Philosophical Anthropology: Writings And Lectures, Volume. 3 by Paul Ricoeur edited by Johann Michel and Jerome Poree

Of Africa

Of Africa by Wole Soyinka

New Books In Graduate Services May 2016

The Oxford guide to library research

The Oxford Guide To Library Research (Fouth Edition) by Thomas Mann

New Books In Graduate Services April 2016

Invisible hands : self-organization and the eighteenth century

Invisible Hands: Self Organization And The Eighteenth Century by Jonathan Sheehan & Dror Wahrman

New Books In Graduate Services March 2016

Plasticity and pathology : on the formation of the neural subject

Plasticity And Pathology: On the Formation Of The Neural Subject edited by David Bates and Nima Bassiri

The Mystic Fable, Volume Two: The Sixteenth And Seventeenth Centuries.

The Mystic Fable Volume Two: The Sixteenth And Seventeenth Centuries by Michel de Certeau edited by Luce Giard and translated by Michael B. Smith

Lines of flight : for another world of possibilities

Lines Of Flight: For Another World Of Possibilities by Felix Guattari translated by Andrew Goffey

Paid Graduate Student Volunteers Needed!

The Library wants to learn more about how graduate students use the UCB library website to conduct research. We’re looking for graduate students who are currently or have recently worked on a research paper or project.

As a thank you, online participants will receive a $50 Amazon gift card. The student we interview will receive a $100 gift card.

Online participants —

Grab your computer and get online. Complete several research tasks on the website and think aloud as you complete them.

Answer some questions about your research habits and strategies.

One in-person interview —

Come to Doe Library and show us how you work on a research paper or project for a few hours. We will observe and ask questions to understand your process better.


Apply to participate in the study. We’ll email you if you’re a good fit!

This study is open to UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students only.

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